Read about our different squads
Learn to Swim Program

A small number of children are supported in a small group with dedicated attention provided by trained instructors/assistant coaches. This is the only group of swimmers who the 4 carnivals per year rule does not apply to. The learn to swim session is held on Saturday afternoons.

Merit / Transition

For the beginner swimmer who can swim 25m or more with basic stroke technique.  This squad learn basic drills and are given stroke correction.

This group is expected to attend the 5-6pm session, 1-3 sessions per week.


Stroke techniques for all four competitive strokes, drills, turns and dives are a strong focus. Competing at Interclub level and starting to compete at Open Carnivals in 50m & 100m events. This squad swims between 2kms to 3kms per session 2-3 times per week in winter and 3-5 sessions in summer.


Attending 3-4 sessions in winter and 4-8 sessions in summer leading up to Country and State Championships. This squad swims up to 4.8kms per session. Recommended distance for competitive events are 200m, 400m, 800m and our Open Water Swimming distances.


Must have Qualifying times for State Championships and/or National Championships. This group of swimmers are competing in all distances and strokes in both pool swimming and Open Water events. Swimmers are expected to attend up to 10 training sessions each week in summer and 4 training sessions each week in winter. Swimmers must be proficient in all strokes and are expected to have excellent technique while training at higher intensities. Excellent communication skills are also expected at this level.


Masters are our parent swimmers or adult swimmers who are prepared to commit to competing for the club or contributing to club fundraising activities. Lane space is provided for this membership group at both the 5-6pm and 6-7.30pm sessions during the week and also Saturday afternoon sessions.