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Membership Full – Currently not accepting new members

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All members of the Onkaparinga Swimming Club must register with Swimming SA (on the swimming SA website)

Swimmers under 18 years must have their registration completed by an Associate member (parent / gaurdian).

Swimming  SA have opened there website for new club registrations for 2014-2015 season  Please Contact Mardi Rayson for registrations if you need assistance in registering.

Membership Classifications

The Classifications of Onka Membership are:

1. Competitors
A competitor is an active swimmer who usually takes part in training sessions for the purpose of competition. The classification is further broken down, for training purposes, into various fitness, age related sub classifications.

2. Swimmer
A related adult who wishes to join the club as a swimmer.

3. Associate
At least one adult, who can be considered accountable for management and payment of fees and charges for an under age swimmer.

4. Official
Official.  A club member who has qualified for and performs various technical tasks at official meets. This membership classification gives the encumbent  member full membership rights.

5. Life Member
An individual who has performed such service to the club as to justify their being nominated for life membership of the Onkaparinga Swimming Club.

The Onkaparinga Swimming Club would ask that new members first:
Register for membership with Swimming SA – click on  Swimming SA Website.

Complete the following form and we will get in touch to register you on the waiting list