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Sponsorship With Onkaparinga Swimming Club

The Onkaparinga Swimming Club welcomes the opportunity to partner with local business. We seek long term business relationships with our sponsors.

Please take the time to peruse the various levels of Sponsorship from within this page.

The Onkaparinga Swimming Club is acutely aware of two matters that effect the willingness of businesses / benefactors to participate with us:

  1. Historically when approached by those seeking sponsorship the business believes they are actually making a donation – “once the sign is up we never see them again until next year”.
  2. There is tremendous competition for the sponsorship dollar – businesses are continually approached by sporting bodies and charities and there is just so much any business can afford.

This is not the case at Onkaparinga Swimming Club. If you are interested in a partnership which helps the local community AND helps them to help you then please use the contact form below.


Sponsorship Partner

Our Sponsorship Partner has key place in the financial well being of the Onkaparinga Swimming Club. The club will work to ensure the substantial commitment by our Sponsorship Partner is rewarded.

The relationship will include working with the company / individual to ensure that the club’s capacity to provide a return through signage, promotional events, its website or print is maximised.